Amek nl_15: New tapes by Discordless & Contorsionist

Radio updates, reviews, and launch of REamek tape series

If you’ve followed us long enough, you probably know our goal is releasing music by friends and members of our collective, irrespective of the country they hail from. That’s why we decided to dedicate this batch to one of our favorite places, Romania. This month not only sees the return of Marius Costache as Discordless but also the launch of REamek, our new tape series, dedicated to reissuing obscure, forgotten, overlooked or simply sold out releases from our region. We hope you are as excited about this as we are.


Discordless - Fear on Every Side

In the three years since Marius Costache’s previous full-length album for Amek as Discordless, his usual menacing and anxiety-fuelled music has reached even further into the sonic extremes. Fear on Every Side is demanding, disorienting and primal, but still captivating and sincere, work that doesn’t want you to overcome the sense of hopelessness, paranoia and tension it unfolds in front of you, but rather to plunge you deeper in this place of no way out.

Dive into the depths of Fear on Every Side on tape (ltd. to 100) and digital here.

Contorsionist - Modern Faith

Modern Faith is the third album of Romanian artist Silviu Badea under the moniker Contorsionist. Initially released digitally in December 2013, this raw, aggressive, yet highly textured and precise, genre-transcending work gets released for the first time on a physical medium as part of our newly launched REamek series. The album is an experimental work that dares to tame chaos, chance and extreme volume in order to create its aural world.

Modern Faith is available on tape (ltd. to 50) and name-your-price digital here.


Discordless “A Consuming Fire”

Below you can see Marius Costache’s video for the song “A Consuming Fire” off of his newest album for Amek Fear on Every Side. We strongly suggest you to subscribe to our YouTube channel as we’ll be dropping more video singles.

Radio Updates

Шумна неделя

In case you’ve missed this month’s episode of шумна неделя on Kanal 103 (Skopje), you can find it here. Next show is airing on August 1.

Comfort Club

We’re now two shows deep in our new monthly show Comfort Club on Black Rhino Radio (Bucharest). For the second episode, we invited Ivo Petrov from the legendary Bulgarian netlabel Mahorka to do a special mix for us. Listen to it here. Next Comfort Club is airing on August 19. Let’s see who our guest then will be…


A few of our recent and not-so-recent releases got reviewed by some of our friends.

  • Cyberian’s Dark Orphism got a glowing review from Mes enceintes font défaut. Read it here [in French]. LATE’s Far North Eleven was also written about in the same site’s COUPS DE CŒUR series. Check it out here [in French].

  • Angel Simitchiev’s and Linus Schrab’s Airborn got an in-depth review from Noise Receptor. Read it here.

Radar Festival Beyond Music 2021

Our favorite Radar Festival in Varna just announced the program for their eight edition. Cyberian is playing on August 6, while Angel Simitchiev will be giving a free lecture on ambient music on the 8th. Find more info here.